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Knuckle Joints

Solid, reversible and easy to service Knuckle Joints; 2 sizes:

BKJ-043 (1 11/16) and BKJ-054 ( 2 1/8)

4.4 lb (2kg)                    6.6 lb (3 kg)

10.625 in (270mm)      10.625 in (270mm)

SCC- 070 Small Casing Centralizer

Specific for heavy tools in 5 1/2" and less casing sizes.


2 1/8" GO Ends - easy gender change btw GO and SX                    


MIT 60 Reg Fingers with long lasting Carbide Inserts

With the ever increasing deviation of wells and use of fracking, the increasingly harsh conditions often exceed the original Tungsten Carbide Coating capability.

The need to re-tip has now been eliminated as we have regained our lifespan of 30,000m. 

Tool bounce is also an issue. Decreasing the leading edge angle reduces hang up forces by over 50%.



BTA also has designed its own pressure compensated swivels. Currently only 43 mm (1 11/16"). Sub ends are fully isolated - can break swivel in half and it won't flood your tools.

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