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BTA Group provides aftermarket wireline performance parts that meet or exceed original design specifications. We focus on customer feedback in helping companies maximize their tool service intervals.

We stock all items and ship by the next business day. 

We offer two sizes of centralizers that provide unique user friendly characteristcs:

2 3/4 (69mm) and 1 11/16 (43mm)


BTA provides MFC fingers with carbon inserts - of 18 & 19 Gauge Stainless Material; some 17 G remaining


BTA will provide an equivalent or usually an upgrade to those parts while providing better delivery times on items that require periodic replacement.

Replacement Parts
Knuckle Joints

BTA offers two sizes of Knuckle Joints that provide unique ability to be easily reversible btw SX and GO:

2 1/8 (54mm) and 1 11/16 (43mm)

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